We can help you make more money!

By purchasing car wash tickets at a discounted rate and re-selling them to your supporters at face value you will earn larger profits at a faster rate than if you tried to wash cars yourself.

We eliminate your liability for damage or injury!

When you run your own car wash you run the risk of damage to cars or personal injury to a member of your organization or to a supporter.  Having your fundraiser at a fixed site car wash means you won’t have to worry about purchasing event insurance which is general liability insurance that can cost as much as $150. It just doesn't make sense for your organization to assume any kind of risk when you can just leave it up to us!  

We are better for the environment!

In many states and municipalities, shopping center and school yards car washes are discouraged because they over tax local storm systems with phosphorous and pollutants that destroy the local waterways.  We dispose of our water wastes according to strict EPA, state and local regulations.The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 requires professional car washes to pipe their dirty water to water treatment facilities or into state-approved drainage facilities designed to protect the environment. Professional Car Washes Use Water Safely and Efficiently

We care about our water supply!

Whether water is plentiful or short in supply, the fact remains that washing cars with a hose and bucket wastes water.  This method can use up to three times the water used by a professional car wash.  Automatic and self-serve car washes use water efficient equipment such as computer controlled systems and high-pressure nozzles and pumps, allowing them to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water. With water and sewer bills going up dramatically all over the country, why encourage wasteful habits when we can encourage conservation of our most important resource - WATER!

 Why it works!

This program is simple and easy to manage.  It allows you to raise funds regardless of the weather or number of volunteers.  You can run this program for one day, one week, or even a month!  The tickets are valid at any of our locations, during all business hours, seven days a week!  

By working with Kleen Enterprises AutoWash, charities, teams, schools, and church groups can typically raise far more money than they can going at it alone.  Part of the reason is because we offer a service that people in the community already know about, trust, and regularly use.  When they buy a ticket from your organization they know they are supporting your activities and getting a great wash too!  

We would enjoy speaking with a representative from your organization to further discuss how we, as a member of the International Car Wash Association, can play a vital role in supporting the activities that make our community a great place to live and work! If you would like more information please contact Greg Haskell by e-mail at ghaskell@stny.rr.com or by phone at 570-888-6006.

Kleen Enterprises AutoWash is a strong supporter of the local economy and its surrounding schools and charitable organizations.  

We would like to extend our support in your next fundraising venture.  Members like us, of the New York State + Pennsylvania Car Wash Associations, have been busy across the states helping local charities raise funds though car wash ticket sales.  This program is not only simple, but unique and prosperous as well!  We would like to suggest to you that before you consider using a local parking lot for your next car wash fundraiser, you think about the many financial, safety, and environmental benefits of working with Kleen Enterprises AutoWash, your neighborhood car wash.  

Fundraising Opportunities

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